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Research Software Engineer @ The University of Sheffield.

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As a Research Software Engineer, my interest is in facilitating the best possible practice in research computing, from good training to advocating reproducible scientific software methods. Currently, most of my work involves providing support regarding impactful research software in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Sheffield - mostly in the Natural Language Processing research group.


My background is in animal vision research using methods from computing and physical sciences. Primarily, my research has been in using numerical computational methods to explore the optics of three-dimensional visual anatomy. During my PhD at the University of Bristol I developed FDTD simulations for studying the optics of avian retinal photoreceptors. Following this I worked on ray tracing analyses of 3D ocelli and compound eye volumes of bumblebees and hoverflies with Stockholm and Lund University. However, I’ve had an eclectic career including (but not limited to): startling hermit crabs in behavioural experiments; training chickens to study their colour vision; diving for mantis shrimp to study their secret polarized signals; and doing R&D on TeraHertz electronics for space science.

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